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Drag the downloaded file and drop it in the opened tab. AMR will be installed !

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Version 1.5.10 ( installs !)

Chrome prevent extensions from being installed from websites other than Chrome WebStore.

So the link above will download the latest version of the extension but not install it.

Once the file is downloaded (It appears in the download bar at the bottom left hand corner of your browser), drag and drop the file in chrome://extensions/ page. (This is not a link due to chrome security restictions...)

All Mangas Reader, once installed, will auto update !

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Version ( on beta channel !)

Beta channel is updated each time the development branch is updated on GitHub.

Having this version installed exposes you to eventual issues that may occur. If you find issues, please report them on GitHub.

To go back to stable channel, you must uninstall beta channel first !

Get google chrome first !!
You must download Google Chrome first to install All Mangas Reader.
What is All Mangas Reader...

All Mangas Reader (AMR) is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to follow updates of mangas on your favorite web site and which beautifies your reading, by displaying full chapters scans in the web sites.

Follow updates

  • When you read a manga on a website supported by AMR, this manga will be automatically added to the AMR reading list.
  • Access any chapter you want immediately
  • AMR warns you instantly when a new chapter is published for one of your followed manga
  • Search manga on many web sites in one click
  • Synchronize your reading list over your computers
  • Organize your manga in categories
  • Bookmark your favorite chapters and scans to find them back easily

Beautify Mangas web site

  • Display full chapter scans instead of single scan directly on the supported web sites
  • For wide screens, you can choose to see the chapter as a real book. (left to right or from right to left)
  • Remove ads while reading manga


All Mangas Reader allows you to access web sites containing manga scans easily. A lot of manga scans are considered as illegal content because it is violating itellectual property. All Mangas Reader does not host any manga scan and can not be responsible in any way of violating intellectual porperty. Be aware that some of the content you will be able to see by using All Mangas Reader is illegal !