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read manga

A browser extension which allows you to follow updates of your favorite manga on online manga readers. It beautifies all these websites' reading by displaying full chapters scans, allowing you to read it as a book. It includes many features to help you track your reading state and what scored you.

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All Mangas Reader in action

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01. Presentation


A quick presentation to show how All Mangas Reader will make your daily reading a breeze

02. About it

Start reading manga

If you like reading manga, this extension is made for you, it helps you reading mangas on your favorite web site by displaying full chapter scans instead of single pages and warns you when a new chapter of your favorite manga has been published.

If you are not a manga reader, this extension will help you to become one !

Read manga as a book

Smooth reading

Read manga as a book (side by side scans), display the full chapter or just the current page on your favorite manga web site.

Depending on the size of your screen, choose to read mangas as in the real book, from right to left as in japanese edition or left to right as in comics. Resize scans to fit in width, height or entirely in your screen !

Track your reading state

Easy Tracking

All Mangas Reader warns you when a new chapter is published !

Track your reading state, follow updates of your favorite mangas.

Affect different color to distinguish manga you read completely, manga you are actually reading and manga with new unread chapters. Organize your mangas into categories to help you read as you wish

Lots of supported websites


Lots of supported websites.

All mangas reader actually supports online readers. It used to support 90 in the v1 and we are doing our best to update the old-not-working-anymore ones. We prioritize websites with scans in foreign languages to open manga reading to the greatest number.

Organize your mangas

Keep organized

Organize your mangas Bookmark your favorite scans.

Create categories to organize your mangas, native categories helps you find manga you are currently reading and manga with new updates. Keep records of the scans or chapters which scored you with bookmarks !

All Mangas Reader beta

Try it in
beta version

Try the latest features as soon as they are developped. Using the beta channel will update the extension frequently, there could be issues. Help us detecting and fixing it.

All Mangas Reader is an open source project, you can start by forking the project on Gitlab. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated !

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03. Features

One time used — Use forever

All Mangas Reader offers a lot of tools to cover all your reading and tracking needs

Look for your favorite
manga easily

Our search tool directly accessible from within the extension searches on all the available online reader for your manga. You can start following mangas from your search results immediately and read them. If a chapter is missing or the scanlation is too bad, All Mangas Reader can search for an alternative online reader in a few clicks !

Organize and filter
your mangas

Using categories, you can organize your mangas easily. Use the category badges filtering system to find your mangas quickly even if you are following many. Build in categories like "Manga with new chapters", "Mangas with unread chapters" helps you find what's-next-to-read in the blink of a eye

Be notified
of new chapters

All Mangas Reader is checking for new published chapters on the mangas you are following. As soon as a chapter is published, All Mangas Reader notifies you even on your desktop if you want to and provides a link to read it immediately. Update frequency can be customized and take into account the publishing frequency to not overload online readers servers.x

what scored you

All Mangas Reader's bookmark tool allows you to bookmark a chapter you liked or even a scan that scored you. Find all the scans you bookmarked by manga through our application

Read manga
like never before

Depending on the size of your screen, choose the configuration which suits you and read your mangas online as you would in a book store.

04. Multisite

Supported Online readers

All mangas reader actually supports online readers. It used to support 90 in the v1 and we are doing our best to update the old-not-working-anymore ones. We prioritize websites with scans in foreign languages to open manga reading to the greatest number.


To ensure a pleasant experience when using All Mangas Reader, we run test suites every day for each of the supported websites to check if it can be used safely in AMR. You can see a next to those which passed the test suite and a next to those which didn't. Click on this icon to view the full report. An issue is sent automatically to our websites implementations' issue tracker to ensure that it will be fix in the best delay.

05. Contact us

Answers to your questions

You can find answer to your questions in All Mangas Reader's Wiki. If not, you can ask your question on our Discord.

Feel free to contribute to the Wiki or help us answer the questions on Discord. Thanks !

Report an issue / Request a Feature

You can report issues of the application directly in the issue tracker of the Gitlab project. There are two issue trackers :

  • If your issue / request concerns the application, report it on the project tracker (example : a manga entry does not work as desired, you want to have a specific feature to help your read manga)
  • If your issue / request concerns the website on which your are reading manga, report it on the mirrors tracker (example : a chapter is not loaded on an online reader, the application does not load the chapter list of a specific manga)

Do not forget that the scantrad is only there to make you discover new series or to close the gap between Local and Japanese releases.

To concretely support your authors and favorite works, do not hesitate to visit your favorite bookstores or a distributor like Amazon. Buy the volumes of your favorite manga to support them!

All Mangas Reader allows you to access web sites containing manga scans easily. All Mangas Reader does not host any manga scan and can not be responsible in any way of violating intellectual porperty.